F23 to K series Intake Adapter

$150.00 $200.00

Convert your F22B or F23 to a newer, better flowing K series intake manifold. This high quality, 3D advanced machined Billet 6061 adapter comes with all the necessary hardware to bolt on a K series intake to your F/H seres cylinder head. It has a large .875" width for better 3D blending between port sizes. Will allow for K series stock Intakes, aftermarket intakes and ITBS. This plate will open up your F series to a whole new level of aftermarket parts from, Kinsler, Skunk, Eagle, AEM ect. Designed for a good stock upgrade to advanced boosted engines. 

Note: Plumbed ready for 16mm bungs for AN lines ect for turbo feed / sensors ect. 
Gaskets not included. Thermostat relocation required or block. 

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